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1 week ago

Classic Roberts concert with Colin ... See MoreSee Less


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Thanks Matthew 🙂

Caroline Smith


"Someone came up to me and said we love coming to your concerts Colin because we don't know what you're going to say next, I said neither do I."

Legend ❤️

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Played tenor horn in 1980s.Colin taught us at school for a couple of years.then asked me onto 2nd then 1st horn for 5 or6years...So sad to hear the news.He was a great guy. Enthusiastic and inspiring, and he made us smile and play our best.what a hard worker he was to lift the band into championship section..bless you Colin and thanks. All the best to his familyx

Played for Colin for 16 years in all and I can honestly say that they were the best of times and have not been bettered. Colin was a true character who loved what he did. He could play with two bent valves and of course his notes never opened like a flower... I did have my ups and downs with Colin but learned a great deal from him, lessons which I very much put into practice. Colin you will now know whether or not they do "meals on wheels" at the pearly gates, (you'll either get that or you wont !) RIP , won't be another like you.

Very sad hearing of Colin’s passing. I am another example of his belief in taking on youth who were nowhere near band ready, but in who he saw ability. I played with Roberts’ from early to late 80’s. He beasted me in hour long lessons at his house! I started on 3rd cornet age about 13. He put me through the back row to rep and then across the front row to ‘bumper up’. He nurtured us and he believed in us. He made me believe in me. He was a big influence in my life and I’m sure the lives of many others. Sleep well Colin.

Many fond memories of my teenage years playing with your band Colin. Thanks for the memories and the laughs. Rest in peace.

Very sad to hear this, I have so many memories of Colin, nearly all of which put a grin on my face when I think of them! I was at Roberts for 7 years of his 40 and I’m very grateful for how supportive he was of me continuing to play with the band when I went to university, RIP ❤️

RIP Colin. Your dedication to brass bands, and particularly Roberts, was something else. Thank you for giving a young lad who 'canna blow' a chance to experience some of the most amazing musical experiences he ever had.

Such sad news to hear.. Colin was a genuinely lovely gentleman and it was such a pleasure to have been a member of Roberts Bakery Band whilst he was conductor. He looked after us young’ens and never failed to make everybody laugh with a one liner! Rest easy ♥️

I was very sad to hear that Colin had passed away yesterday but then you only have to think about some of his phrases or some things that he did whilst he was with the band and you smile. I have many fond memories and some stories I could tell, the floating suitcase for example. Rest in peace Handsome Cranson.

Deepest Sympathy to his Family, he was indeed a proper Gentleman and a great Musician, May he rest in peace,

RIP Colin his enthusiasm for Roberts and Fodens was unbelievable I played for him at middlewich and returned many years later to Roberts, his passion was just as strong a great bandsman, character and euphonium player

Colin was such a brilliant character. Many a time he put the fear of god in me but when he smiled you knew you’d done a really good job. Thanks for the opportunities Colin, and it’s with the greatest respect that I say ‘oh dear, how sad, never mind’ 😢 rest in peace with the beautiful Brenda xx

This is so sad to read....I joined Roberts at 15 and he always made me smile with his phrases...I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about his music!!! He also scared me at times when he was jumping up and down bless him....rip Colin, you were a true bandsman and a lovely man xxxxx

RIP Colin. I owe him much in life and became his student due to him and my father spending many nights at The Iron Grey in Sandbach together. I have him to thank for lots of happy memories as a youngster back in the late 80s and early 90s. "Blow it, don't suck it" is still written in my Arban in his handwriting! A lovely man.

RIP Colin. A great bandsman. Fond memories from Middlewich days

Colin taught brass at Rudheath High School, I remember him trying his best to get me to toot a note from my cornet, lovely man x

Very sad to read this news, did great work with the band over many years and left some great memories for all who knew him. RIP Colin

Will certainly be raising a glass to Colin's memory although of course I shouldn't be drinking with what I've got! 37 pence - always his best joke

During my many sojourn with Colin travelling to concerts we were only late once St. Nicholas church Burnage ( Oasis country ) of course as navigator it was my fault. The band had a few laughs at my expense also when it came to raffle time Loved every minute R I P Colin

So sad to read this news, RIP Colin, thoughts with Family and friends x

A true mentor who encouraged so many including me and good friend, a brass bandsman to the core - player, soloist, conductor and adjudicator. A very sad loss to all who knew him and will miss him. RIP Colin

I only attended a few rehearsals at Roberts, but Colin was very welcoming, professional, and he gave me some great advice. I'm sure he'll be sadly missed by all who knew him. RIP.

Very sad news 😞 I have so many lovely (and funny) memories of him - he’ll certainly never be forgotten! x

Still shocked and saddened by the news. Echoing so many others on here but if banding was to be epitomized in one person, it would be him. One of life's amazing characters and no matter what, he would always great you with a smile and a tap on the shoulder. A true gent, a true legend and will be sadly missed. I will never forget his recipe for corned beef hash he detailed to the audience on stage...and seeing his face the moment he realised the lighting had set the stage curtains on fire at Winsford Civic. Can not listen to Out of the Blue or RAF March past without thinking of him (every year!! 😁) RIP Colin

Sad news. Great memories of chatting with Colin in Germany.

Sad news. My daughter played for Lions Youth and Roberts Bakery.

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3 weeks ago

Roberts Bakery Band

Wishing all our friends at Lions Youth Brass good luck as they take part in the National Youth Brass Band Championships at Warwick School today ... See MoreSee Less


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Amazing performance by all the band x

They have just played and were brilliant

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